Goodbye Friends, I Am Gone


I did warn you that I was moving my blog, but I guess you didn’t expect it to happen so soon. In truth, neither did I, but I’m the kind of person who makes up their mind to do something and then kind of rushes blindly in without thinking about what they’re doing, so… I moved it.

This blog still exists, but it’s now at the domain I’ll be leaving it intact for the moment so that those looking for it might still be able to find it, but I’m going to set it as ‘invisible’ eventually, so it’ll disappear.

Meanwhile, the URL you know and love ( now belongs to a self-hosted blog. It’s still being prettified. I haven’t sorted out the theme yet or anything – working on that right now, with the help of a wonderful techy friend who is aiding and abetting the EXTREME PROCRASTINATION that is my migration – so you can expect a lot of visual changes over the next week or so as I get to grips with the site. However, I have managed to import all my old posts, so everything from this blog apart from the post you’re reading right now ought to be up there.

I’m pretty sure that, because this blog still technically exists, you won’t be subscribed to the new one – only to this one. So, if you still want to receive content from me, you need to go to my new blog and subscribe there. If there isn’t a ‘subscribe by email’ box in the sidebar when you go, I’m having theme issues, but it’ll be up there soon so hang around. It should be there, but things keep disappearing, so I’m not going to place any bets on it.

I strongly suspect I’ll only have about ten followers on the new blog, but I guess it’ll be an enlightening way to find out how many of my ‘subscribers’ are actually old email addresses that people never bothered to remove from the list, ha ha.

The process of switching has eaten about five hours of my time so far, which I really ought to have dedicated to schoolwork, and it’s not been nearly as easy as I expected it to be. This is partly because of my own incompetence and the fact that I did some of the steps in the wrong order. However, I’ve finally done it, so from now on I’m going to be blogging from and I would very much appreciate it if you would join me on that journey. Okay, there will be some false starts, and my coding skills definitely need work, but hey, I now host my own website, so it’s worth it… right?

(Now would be a good time to disembark if you’re not actually interested and have only stuck with me because you couldn’t be bothered to unsubscribe, though. I’ll never notice.)

Thanks, guys – see you at the new site!

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